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Copy and paste the following into the body of the email:

Film and Video Festival
Official Application Form

Name of film:
Filmmakers' Names:
Telephone contact:
Email address:
Name/s of Director/s:
Name/s of Cinematographer/s:
Name/s of the lead star/s
and their respective character names:
Year of completion or first theatrical release 200___
Length in minutes:
Colour or Black & White?
Aspect ratio : 1.33 1.66 1.85 Scope
Genre (check all that apply):
Documentary ____
Feature ____
Animation ______
Live Action _____
Experimental ____
Other ___________
Has the film premiered anywhere?
If yes, where?
Has it received a television broadcast?
Original format (check all that apply):
35mm___ 16mm____ Beta cam ___ Super VHS ___ Mini DV___
List of festivals joined:
List of websites that have featured or discussed the film:
Previous awards for film:
Previous awards for filmmaker for this film and
her/his other films (please mention the titles):

Please remember to attach:
A short synopsis of the film (1 paragraph)
A brief biography and filmography of the filmmaker

It will help if you can also attach (optional):
Photocopied proof of ownership/authorship/copyrights to film


mail to: